Brazos Valley Worldfest & Family Festifall Virtual Exhibitors

Brazos Valley Worldfest and Family Festifall are excited to be offering virtual Exhibits for 2020! See all Virtual Exhibits below.

Aggieland Visitor Center

Who We Are: The Appelt Aggieland Visitor Center helps prospective students, families and other guests experience what differentiates Texas A&M from other universities.

Virtual Exhibit: Walk through campus with the Howdy Crew tour guides and learn about Texas A&M University's rich history and traditions.

Who We Are: The Desi Aggies' mission is to be a bridge for all South Asian organizations to collaborate and work together complement each other to serve the South Asian student community at Texas A&M. The purpose of Desi Aggies will also be to help those who are new from the South Asian countries to integrate into American culture, A&M, with various other student organizations, and still network together while enjoying fellowship with other students from both similar and different ethnic backgrounds.

Virtual Exhibit: A video of Desi student performances and a brief introduction to Chai (Indian Tea).

Who We Are: The mission of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum at Texas A&M University is to preserve and make available the records and artifacts of George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States. We promote civic literacy and increased historical understanding of our national experience, and foster a community of public service and volunteerism.

We accomplish this mission by offering rich educational and public programs, original museum exhibits and access to our archival holdings.

Virtual Exhibit: Children may be able to visit the Bush Library and Museum virtually. They can see all our permanent exhibits and grounds surrounding the museum.

Germans in the U.S.A!

Who We Are: Local couple who has participated several times in the Brazos Valley Worldfest with an exhibition about Germany. 

Virtual Exhibit: Pictures, videos, and songs from Germany.

Who We Are: 

Virtual Exhibit: 

Israel Showcase

Who We Are: KBTX PinPoint Weather Team

Virtual Exhibit: Join the PinPoint Weather teams as we dive into a few experiments you can do at home to better understand the weather and world around us! Makin' it Rain for Downtown Bryan
Let's talk about rain! How it is formed, why it falls, and how to create it in your own house!

MSC CAMAC: A Latinx Programming Committee

Who We Are: MSC CAMAC is a student organization at Texas A&M University that focuses on uniting students from diverse backgrounds to establish an appreciation for various Hispanic cultures on the Texas A&M campus and Bryan/College Station community. We motivate the community to learn about these cultures through cultural, educational, and informative programs. Every year MSC CAMAC invites the Texas A&M student body and the Bryan/College Station community to “Mis Quince Años!”


Virtual Exhibit: This program is a quinceañera produced by MSC CAMAC members. A quinceañera is a Hispanic girl’s coming of age celebration which usually includes traditional dances, free food, explanations of the ceremonies, and music. MSC CAMAC’s goal is to educate the Texas A&M community about a traditional quinceañera, and we are making this possible by partnering with a young woman from the Bryan/College Station community to portray this.

Who We Are: MSC L.T. Jordan Institue for International Awareness provides Texas A&M University and the surrounding community with international exposure through on-campus programming and travel abroad opportunities.

Virtual Exhibit: Community members will be able to see real coffee brewing methods that can be done at home. The idea behind "Coffee Breaks with Jordan" is to create cultural awareness with coffee.

Who We Are: Fraternalism seeks to build relationships. With new relationships come vitality, adventure, the freedom to strive, compete, and create. Fraternal involvement makes men, women, and children happy in the work that they are doing. Community service projects anFraternalism seeks to build relationships. With new relationships come vitality, adventure, the freedom to strive, compete, and create. Fraternal involvement makes men, women, and children happy in the work that they are doing. Community service projects and social gatherings that strive to achieve a sense of purpose make SPJST members proud to be members and attracts others. For local lodge activities, please refer to the Local Lodges section.d social gatherings that strive to achieve a sense of purpose make SPJST members proud to be members and attracts others. For local lodge activities, please refer to the Local Lodges section.

Virtual Exhibit: A welcome video and October is Czech Heritage month proclamation.

SPJST Youth, Snook Lodge 9

TAMU Bangladesh Student Association 

Who We Are: The mission of this organization is to unite Bangladeshi students and community relating TAMU by organizing various cultural events and creating more exposure of history and culture of Bangladesh to the international community by participating in different international activities at TAMU. The purpose is to create a homely atmosphere for the Bangladeshi students and represent socio-cultural heritage of Bangladesh at TAMU.

Virtual Exhibit: The exhibit will include demonstration of Bangladeshi cultural activities, the traditional attires, music and songs. It will enable the children to emerge themselves into a thousand years old south Asian heritage.

TAMU Japanese Class 201

Who We Are: Japanese class at Texas A&M University.

Virtual Exhibit: Children will be able to speak basic Japanese phrases.

TAMU Japanese Class 

Who We Are: Japanese class at Texas A&M University.

Virtual Exhibit: Tokyo Olympics Dance

TAMU Japanese Class 

Who We Are: Japanese class at Texas A&M University.

Virtual Exhibit: Collaborative Dance

Malaysian Student Association

Who We Are: To serve promote integration and understanding among Malaysians and the community in Texas A&M University, and furnish cultural, social, and general information regarding Malaysia for Aggies or the community in Bryan-College Station who are interested in knowing the country.

Virtual Exhibit: 1. Children will be able to see how to make one of Malaysia's all-time-favorite teatime snacks, "Pisang Goreng" (banana fritters).

2. Children will be able to see some examples of traditional Malay dresses.

TAMU International Student Association

Virtual Exhibit: Taiwanese Tea Ceremony

TAMU Department of International Studies

Virtual Exhibit: Learn to write your name in Japanese!

The Arts Council of the Brazos Valley

Who We Are: For the past 50 years, the Arts Council has served the community with one driving mission: to make the arts accessible to all residents and visitors of the Brazos Valley through funding, promotion, advocacy, professional development and partnership building programs. We are a multifaceted arts organization supporting approximately 60 affiliate arts, culture and heritage organizations, regional artists and creative businesses, over 350,000 residents in seven counties, Texas A&M University, Blinn College and over 3.5 million Brazos Valley regional visitors annually.

Virtual Exhibit: Children will learn about the Arts Council, explore the Arts in Brazos Valley, and gain an artistic demonstration from some of our In-House Residents!

Indian Graduate Student Association

Who We Are: Building on the pillars of Networking, Mentoring, and Advocacy, IGSA strives towards adhering and spreading the Aggie core values of loyalty, integrity, leadership, respect, and selfless service among the Indian students and fellow Aggies.

Virtual Exhibit: We will showcase dance and music cultures in India through some performances and give a glimpse of the major scientific and mathematical contributions made by Indians.

Napalese Student Association

Who We Are: The main purpose of the NSA TAMU is to provide a platform for the Nepalese students at TAMU to communicate with each other and with the University. NSA aims to promote and educate a better understanding of Nepalese culture and heritage to all students and to the Aggie Community.

Virtual Exhibit: The audience will be able to explore the geo-cultural diversity of Nepal. In the end, they will also be able to play a small fun quiz and the highest scorer will be awarded an exciting prize. In the performance video the girls in the video are wearing the dress called Fariya Choli which is a long floral skirt with a yellow cloth tied around the waist area. On top, is the handmade blouse, and red thread wrapped around the hair. The jewelry includes bangles, beaded necklaces which are called pote in the Nepalese Language.

TAMU Persian Student Association

Who We Are: The purpose of the association shall be to bring together the Iranian student bodies at Texas A&M University as well as other interested individuals in College Station/Bryan area through community service, cultural and social events and recreational activities and to introduce Iranian culture to the Texas A&M community. This association includes all ethnicities in Iran such as Persian, Azeri, Kurd, Lur, Baloch, Arab, Turkmen and Turkic tribes as well as other interested ethnicities.

Virtual Exhibit: In our VE, we introduce country of Iran from a different viewpoint, trying to shed light on the aspects of Iran's culture, arts, society, traditions, etc. which have not been explained clearly so far and have made people of other countries have a false belief of Iran in some aspects.

TAMU Taiwanese Student Association

Who We Are: Promoting the understanding and awareness of Taiwan's culture, history, politics, society, economics, etc.
Promoting understanding and friendship between Taiwanese and other nationalities. Promoting fellowship and providing services among Taiwanese students at TAMU.

Virtual Exhibit: We will introduce our home country Taiwan from multifaceted angles.

Brazos Valley Children's Museum

Who We Are: Since 1998, The Children’s Museum has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors through its doors and brought learning through play into actuality. While The Museum began as a museum without walls, today it is home to 12 different hands-on, interactive, educational exhibits that foster a love of learning and inspire young minds throughout the years. The Museum also boasts special programing and reading times that are designed for children and families to learn together through play, to put into practice what children are learning in the classroom, and to take practical learning skills home for continued discovery. Spring, summer, and winter camps center on a myriad of themes and bring children together to play, learn, create, and discover.

Virtual Exhibit: The Brazos Valley Children's Museum reads Fati and the Honey Tree, a book from Ghana.


Who We Are: Discovery provides the opportunity for international spouses in the community to get together for classes and programs to help adjust to living in our community. All international women are welcome to join.

Virtual Exhibit: This video tells about their programs

Twin City Mission

Who We Are: Twin City Mission will accomplish its Vision through programs addressing: homelessness; violence and abuse; family conflict; youth in crisis; life skills deficiencies; and poverty.

Virtual Exhibit: While we are making friendship bracelet, they will learn what makes a good friend and how to have a healthy friendship.
The coloring page will be a way they can personally think about different aspect they like in their friendships and we will promote those fun and healthy behaviors.

Ukrainian American Cultural Club of Houston

Who We Are: 

Virtual Exhibit: A video art exhibit of Holodomor art of Ukraine

Texas Wendish Heritage Society & Museum Discovery

Girls Scouts of Central Texas

Who We Are: We’re the preeminent leadership development organization for girls. And with programs from coast to coast and across the globe, Girl Scouts offers every girl a chance to practice a lifetime of leadership, adventure, and success. 

Virtual Exhibit: What does it mean to be a Girl Scout?


Aggie Fenghua Dance Club

Who We Are: We are a group of amateur Chinese dancers comprised mostly of faculty, staff of Texas A&M. We are interested in promoting multicultural exchange through arts and performances. ​We have been performing in different stages in our local community such as World Stage at Brazos Valley Worldfest, I-week of Texas A&M University, Discovery program of First Baptist Church, Chinese school as well as other venues.

Virtual Exhibit: Pipa is an antient Chinese musical instrument and has a very unique sound. This dance illustrates how Pipa players play Pipa in harmony with the sound sometimes delicate and silky and sometimes vibrate and energetic.

Odissi Dancy Company

Who We Are: To introduce American and global audiences to ancient Indian traditions of dance, its enrichment, cultural experience and preservation using Sanskrit, meditation and yoga.

Virtual Exhibit: Kids will be able to experience the rich artistic heritage of India through classical dance.

Ballet Foklorico Los Altos de Jalisco

Who We Are: Mexican folklorico dance for youth.

Virtual Exhibit: Performances from 2015.