5 PM - 11 PM

The Downtown Bryan Association invites you to come out to First Friday! Enjoy live music, art and an array of shopping and dining options. This is a free, family friendly event and a great way to enjoy the evening!

Check back the week of for a full list of activities.

There will be no nonprofit groups, street performers, or food trucks set up during October First Friday. The concert at the Palace Theater has been suspended. We will be encouraging people to purchase gift cards and placing orders for pick up and delivery from Downtown Businesses.


October 2, 2020




Applications for First Friday have been suspended at this time due to COVID-19.



Street performers and artists may apply for First Friday between the 1st -15th of the month before the next First Friday (e.g. To participate in April First Friday, performers and artists would need to register between March 1 & 15). All performers and artists are required to provide their own equipment and must inform DBA if they need electricity prior to First Friday. All performers and artists signing up for the first time must submit a video recording of your performance to


If your performance is amplified, the sound may not exceed half a city block. We ask that each performance group have no more than three (3) people unless permission has been granted for additional performers. Drums are not allowed at First Friday unless special permission is granted before signing up. Permits must be picked up from the Downtown Bryan Association. Street performers and artists must reapply monthly in order to participate.



Non-profit groups that are categorized as 501(c)(3) may apply for First Friday the 1st-15th of the month proceeding First Friday (e.g. To participate in April First Friday, non-profit groups will need to register between March 1 & 15). Non-profits may display and distribute information about their service or upcoming event, but are not allowed to sell anything on the sidewalk. Non-profit groups are required to have an interactive component as part of their display. Exemptions are at the discretion of the Downtown Bryan Association. Non-profit groups must reapply monthly. For any questions about non-profit groups, email



There are two locations in the Downtown area for mobile food vendors. All mobile food vendors must have a current, valid Mobile Food Vendor permit from the City of Bryan as well as a permit from the Brazos County Health Department. A Texas Sales Tax permit is also required, when applicable. A $25 First Friday Food vendor permit is required by the DBA and must be paid no later than the 15th of the preceding month.(e.g. To participate in April First Friday, Food Vendors must pay for their permit by March 15). For any questions about Mobile Food Vendors, email


  • Independent distributors of commercial products (such as Avon, Scentsy, and the like)

  • Outside vendors to sell on the streets

  • For-profit businesses who want to showcase their services or products.

  • Fundraising activities for sports teams and clubs.

  • Any individual or group who sets up without permission from the Downtown Bryan Association will be asked to leave.

  • No soliciting of any kind.

  • Only bottled water and packaged candy may be given away by groups during First Friday. Not allowed: chewing gum or items containing nuts. A request to distribute other items will be reviewed on a case by case basis.