Blue Duck Scooters are now in town as part of a pilot program with the City of Bryan.


Blue Duck is placing 100 electric scooters in Downtown Bryan, at Blinn College and in surrounding areas to help enhance local mobility in the area. Rides will cost $1 to activate the scooter and $0.25 per minute to operate. The scooters will be geofenced to operate only within designated areas in Bryan.

Blue Duck staff will place the scooters in strategic areas throughout Bryan each morning at approximately 7 a.m. and collect them each evening at approximately 10 p.m. to recharge and perform any needed maintenance. The city’s agreement with Blue Duck also stipulates the company will respond quickly to relocate inappropriately placed scooters when reported.

Scooter riders must be at least 18 years old and should:

  • Observe the same laws as motor vehicle drivers.

  • Ride on roads that are under 35 miles per hour, and stay in bike lanes, on the street or on shared-use paths. Please do not ride on sidewalks.

  • Ride alone on scooters. Only one person is allowed per scooter.

  • Wear a helmet. The city encourages everyone to wear a helmet while riding, and people who are under 21 must, by law, wear one. Blue Duck Scooters is providing free helmets to those who request one.

  • Park in preferred parking areas, or “landing zones,” which are established in areas where it is safe to park scooters after riding. Riders should never block ADA ramps or sidewalks with a parked scooter.